The Creative Uses of Avocado Seeds Think Beyond Eating

The Creative Uses of Avocado Seeds Think Beyond Eating

Avocado seeds are often discarded without a second thought, but these overlooked byproducts have more uses than you might realize. While consuming avocado seeds can be controversial due to potential toxicity concerns, there are numerous safe and beneficial ways to utilize them. Let’s explore some innovative uses of avocado seeds that can add value to your daily life.

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1. Natural Dye

Avocado seeds can be used to create a beautiful natural dye that ranges from pink to peach to brown, depending on the treatment and fabric. This can be an exciting project for DIY enthusiasts looking to explore natural dyeing techniques.

How to Make the Dye:

Simmer crushed avocado seeds in water for several hours until the desired color strength is achieved.

Strain the liquid and use it to dye fabrics, yarns, or even paper.

2. Plant Water Enrichment

Instead of throwing away your avocado seeds, use them to enrich water for other plants. The seeds contain nutrients that can be released into the water, providing a mild fertilizer.


Rinse and clean the seeds, then place them in a jar of water.

Use this nutrient-rich water for your household plants.

3. Exfoliating Scrub

Avocado seeds can be ground into a fine powder and used as a natural exfoliating scrub. This is a great way to recycle the seeds and care for your skin.


Dry the seeds, then grind them into a fine powder.

Mix with a base like coconut oil or honey for a natural body scrub.

4. Decorative Carvings

Avocado seeds can be carved into beautiful, intricate designs for ornaments or jewelry. This requires some craftsmanship but can be a rewarding and eco-friendly hobby.


Let the seed dry slightly so it’s easier to carve, but not so much that it becomes too hard.

5. Homemade Toys

For those who enjoy crafting, avocado seeds can be turned into maracas or painted to create eco-friendly toys for children.

How to Do It:

Clean and dry the seeds.

Fill them with small beads and seal them for use as shakers.


Avocado seeds don’t have to be waste products. With a little creativity, they can be transformed into useful, artistic, and eco-friendly items. By exploring these alternatives, you not only add value to what is commonly discarded but also engage in sustainable practices that benefit the environment. Next time you enjoy an avocado, think twice before you toss the seed!

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