Cheesy Beef Stuffed Potato Cakes

 Cheesy Beef Stuffed Potato Cakes

Enjoy a gooey twist on a classic comfort food meal with these Cheesy Beef Stuffed Potato Cakes. The combination of tender beef, luscious cheese, and soft potatoes perfectly captures the essence of home cooking. The potato cake has roots in many different cultures, ranging from the Irish boxty to the Belarusian draniki. It serves as a versatile vessel for a variety of delectable fillings. These tightly packed potato cakes make a tasty snack, a filling dinner, or a great way to use up leftovers. Not only are they the perfect side dish for a cosy dinner that gathers family and friends around the table, but they’re also a wonderful way to taste something new and old.

These cheesy beef packed potato cakes are great on their own, but they really come to life when paired with a crisp green salad dressed with a zesty vinaigrette. A side dish of your favourite coleslaw or steamed vegetables works well. It becomes an absolute feast when you add dipping sauces like salsa or sour cream.


  1. One pound of ground beef
  2. two pounds of peeled and diced potatoes
  3. one cup of shredded sharp cheddar cheese
  4. one large onion finely chopped
  5.  two minced garlic cloves
  6. one teaspoon of paprika
  7. Two teaspoons of extra virgin olive oil (for frying)
  8. To taste, add salt and pepper
  9. Add more cheddar cheese if preferred
  10. A couple of tablespoons of olive oil



  1. Bring a large saucepan of salted water to a boil and boil the potatoes for around fifteen to twenty minutes, or until they are fork-tender. Mash until smooth after draining. Give them a little time to calm off.
  2. The second step is to heat a tablespoon of olive oil in a pan over medium heat while the potatoes prepare. When the garlic and onions are tender and aromatic, add them to the pan.
  3.  After the onions and garlic are sautéed, raise the heat to medium-high and throw in the ground beef. Make sure the steak is well-done and browned before serving. Remove any surplus of fat.
  4.  Combine the paprika, salt, and pepper with the steak, being sure to incorporate thoroughly. Whisk in the cheddar cheese after taking it off the heat and letting it cool a little.
  5. Combine the chilled meat and cheese mixture with the mashed potatoes. 5. Stir in the bacon crumbles.
  6.  Using your fingers, press the mixture into patties about ¾ inch thick.
  7.  Add the remaining olive oil to a large nonstick pan and preheat it over medium heat. Fry the potato cakes in batches, taking care to keep them apart and give them room to turn.
  8. Cook the cakes for about 4 minutes on each side, or until they crisp up and turn golden brown. As needed, add more oil in between batches.
  9.  If preferred, top each cake with extra cheddar, then cover the pan to melt the cheese.
  10. Savour the hot potato cakes!


Depending on your preference, you can add a tiny bit of spiciness to your beef mixture by adding sliced jalapeños or a sprinkle of cayenne pepper. You can experiment with other cheeses, such as the stringy mozzarella or the smokey gouda. If you replace the ground beef with more corn, black beans, and bell peppers, you may turn this dish vegetarian.
An Using leftover or precooked mashed potatoes will save you time. – These cakes reheat nicely in the oven or on the hob till crisp, so preparing them ahead of time makes them perfect for lunches. – Make sure that the paprika and other spices you use do not include any gluten in

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