Ants Have Not Returned to My Garden for 50 Years

Ants Have Not Returned to My Garden for 50 Years! Do This and You Will Have No More Ants!

Cloves are an easy and natural approach to rid your yard of ants, since I have used them for 50 years without experiencing any problems. This potent spice not only gives your cuisine flavour, but it also works well to keep ants away. This is how and why using cloves to repel ants is so effective.

The Reasons Cloves Defy Ants
Eugenol, a potent fragrant chemical found in cloves, has a powerful anti-antigen action. The potent aroma of cloves obstructs the ants’ scent pathways, making it challenging for them to move around and interact. Additionally, cloves are a safe and natural technique to repel ants because eugenol is poisonous to them.

How to Use Cloves to Repel Ants

1. Whole Cloves Method


  • Whole cloves


  • Find Problem Areas: Determine which parts of your garden are the busiest with ants. This could occur close to vegetation, on walkways, or on your garden’s boundaries.
  • Spread Cloves: Place whole cloves all over these places. If you come across any ant nests or access sites, pay close attention to them. Ants won’t access these locations because of the cloves’ strong aroma.
  • Reapply as necessary: If the cloves’ aroma begins to diminish, check them every few weeks and reapply them. Ants will be kept at bay if the aroma is maintained strongly.

2. Clove Oil Spray Method

  1. 1 teaspoon of clove essential oil
  2. 1 cup of water
  3. A spray bottle


  • Blend the Fix: One teaspoon of clove essential oil and one cup of water should be combined in a spray container. Shake vigorously to fully combine.
  • Apply the Solution: Using the clove oil solution, apply it all over the garden, paying particular attention to anthills. This can include any discernible ant trails, garden boundaries, and the bases of plants.
  • Reapply Frequently: To keep the clove oil spray effective, reapply it every few days or just after it rains.
  • Extra Advice for Indoor Use: You may use cloves indoors to ward off ants. Put whole cloves on window sills, entrances, and kitchen countertops—anyplace ants may enter your house.

Additional Tips

  • Indoor Use: You may use cloves to ward off ants indoors as well. Put whole cloves on window sills, entrances, and kitchen countertops—anyplace ants may enter your house.
  • Mix with Other Spices: To maximise the impact of cloves, mix them with other ant-repelling spices, such as bay leaves or cinnamon.
  • Keep It Natural: Cloves are harmless for kids, pets, and the environment, in contrast to artificial pesticides.

An all-natural and successful method of keeping ants out of your garden is to use cloves. Cloves have maintained my yard free of garden ants for fifty years with their potent smell and repelling qualities; they may do the same for you. Try this easy fix and enjoy your yard being free of ants without using toxic pesticides. Cheers to a gorgeous garden free of pests!

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