Best Budget Tripods For photographers

Budget Tripods For photographers
Budget Tripods For photographers

Best Budget Tripods For photographers: As a photographer, you want to be able to capture the perfect shot. But what if you could take your tripod with you wherever you go? That’s where tripods come in. We’ve rounded up our favorite budget tripods for all budgets, from $50 and under to $200 and more. Whether it’s keeping your camera steady while shooting models or adding stability when capturing images of landscapes, these tripods will help make sure that every photo is perfect!

The best budget tripods

You’re looking for a tripod that’s affordable, not the best quality, and durable. And it’s definitely not for heavy cameras or professional use.

The good news is there are plenty of budget tripods out there that fit the bill perfectly!

The bad news?

They all have their shortcomings. So how do you choose the right one for your needs?

1. Manfrotto Pixi EVO

The Manfrotto Pixi EVO is a lightweight tripod that is easy to carry around.

It has a quick-release plate and a ball head that allows you to switch between landscape and portrait mode easily.

The Manfrotto Pixi EVO features an aluminum alloy leg construction, which makes it durable enough for outdoor photography and video shooting.

It also comes with a 1/4 inch plate adapter, allowing you to attach your camera directly onto the tripod—no need for extra accessories!

Budget Tripods For photographers
Budget Tripods For photographers


  • Maximum height: 54.4 inches
  • Minimum height: 7.4 inches
  • Folded length: 16.5 inches (maximum) or 15 inches (minimum)
  • Weight: 1.2lbs
  • Load capacity: 8.8lbs

““Reach (max): 7.4”

The highest height of the tripod is 7.4″, which means you can use it to take long shots with your camera mounted on top.

The minimum height is 5.9″, which means that if you have a smaller camera, this might be too tall for your needs.

The maximum weight capacity for this tripod is 15 pounds (6 kilograms).

Weight: 1.2lbs

Weight: 1.2lbs

  • Lightweight and portable, the Gitzo GT2541 (1.2 lbs) is easy to carry around and store in your bag or suitcase. It’s also very comfortable for extended shooting sessions—the tripod folds up into a small size that fits easily into most camera bags or carry-on luggage boxes.

Bubble level: No

A bubble level is a feature that helps you get the camera perfectly level.

You can find it on the tripod legs or in the center column of your tripod.

If you don’t have a bubble level, use a water bottle instead! Or just make sure if you’re using paper, it’s not moving around too much when you check for level.

Head type: Ball

Ball heads are the most popular and best-selling type of head for travel photography.

They are most often used for panning and tilting, but can also be used to support heavier cameras. Ball heads are more stable than other types of heads and can hold up to a lot of weight without breaking or wobbling.

On the other hand, ball heads tend to be more expensive than other types of tripods like carbon fiber legs or pivot points (which allow you to move the camera position).

Load capacity: 8.8lbs

The Load Capacity of a tripod is the weight of your camera, lens, and flash together.

This is not to be confused with the weight of your tripod alone because it does not include any additional accessories such as ball heads or quick-release plates.

The maximum load capacity of this unit is 8.8 lbs (3kg).

That’s enough for most DSLR cameras without battery grips, but if you have one that weighs more than 2 lbs (1kg), then something like this will be too light by default.


The Manfrotto Pixi EVO is an affordable, lightweight tripod with a maximum height of 7.4 inches and can hold up to 8.8 lbs of weight.

It has a ball head with panning capability, which is good for photographers who prefer to move their camera around when shooting landscapes or wildlife images.


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