We are constantly looking for kitchen tools that make life easier, healthier, and more delicious as our culinary journey continues. All of these requirements have been met by air fryers, which have led to their meteoric rise in popularity and widespread acceptance on kitchen countertops.

This amazing device, praised for its capacity to replicate the flavour and texture of deep-fried food without using a lot of oil, has a small drawback that can turn off some users: it might smell, especially plastic-like. Don’t worry; this blog post will clarify the reasons behind these smells and, more importantly, provide practical guidance on how to properly eliminate them.

The reason for air fryer smells?

There’s no denying the delicious smell of fries or chicken nuggets cooking in this dish. However, why does that pleasant scent occasionally blend with an unpleasant odour that is even compared to burning plastic? Here’s the thing: food particles, leftover oils, and the heating element are the main causes of unpleasant odours.
Over time, food residue and oil can build up on the heating element, giving off a burnt scent when heated. Now, the air fryer’s heating of plastic parts is usually the cause of the perplexing plastic odour.

Maintaining and cleaning

Your best line of defence against offensive odours is routine cleaning. It aids in getting rid of residue, oil, and food particles that can be causing the bad odour. Make care to thoroughly clean every part of your product, including the heating elements and removable pieces. Before reassembling, give these a thorough drying after hand washing in warm water with a small amount of detergent.
It may surprise you to learn that the kind of oil you use in your air fryer has a significant impact on odour levels. It might surprise you to learn that during air-frying, oils with low smoke points, like olive oil, can release disagreeable smells in addition to smoke.
It is best to use oils with high smoke points, like avocado or grapeseed oil, to prevent this. These oils ensure a more enjoyable cooking experience and wonderfully scented results since they are better suited to endure the high temperatures inside an air fryer without emitting offensive aromas.


To get rid of lingering odours in your air fryer, think about utilising natural odor-absorbing techniques. Putting a bowl of vinegar or baking soda inside the device while it’s not in use is one efficient way. Because of their remarkable odor-neutralizing qualities, vinegar and baking soda are great for getting rid of unwanted odours and leaving your air fryer feeling fresh.

Odours are effectively absorbed and neutralised by the combination of baking soda’s alkaline properties and vinegar’s acetic acid. You can guarantee that lingering odours are reduced, improving the cooking experience and maintaining the natural aroma of your food, by adding these natural ingredients into your air fryer maintenance regimen.


Certain accessories, like as silicone mats or parchment paper, not only prevent food from coming into direct contact with the surfaces of the air fryer but also have the added benefit of lessening odours.

These add-ons reduce the possibility of residual odours spreading since they form a barrier between the food and the air fryer’s internal parts. They not only offer a straightforward way to stop smells from spreading, but they also simplify cleanup.

You can have an odor-free and fresh air fryer experience since silicone mats’ non-stick qualities and parchment paper’s disposable nature make sure that any possible smells are controlled.


You may reduce the amount of smells coming from your air fryer by making certain adjustments to your cooking methods. Simple yet efficient solutions include choosing less oily foods and covering plates with foil when needed.

By using these methods, food residue is kept from adhering to the inside surfaces of the air fryer by creating a barrier. Consequently, there is a lower chance that offensive odours would arise during cooking.

By limiting the amount of oil you use and using foil covers when necessary, you can keep your air fryer cleaner overall and prevent any residual smells, which will make cooking more enjoyable.

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