For Strong Bones

For Strong Bones: Take One Teaspoon of These Powerful Seeds a Day with Honey

Keeping our bones strong and healthy is crucial for our general health, especially as we become older. A daily intake of sesame seeds combined with honey is an easy and tasty method to improve bone health. Packed with of minerals that are essential for strong bones is this natural treatment. Here’s why this combo works so well and how you may include it into your routine with ease.

The Advantages of Sesame Seeds Packed with Calcium:

  1. One of the most important minerals for strong bones is calcium, which is abundant in sesame seeds. A sizeable quantity meets a sizable chunk of your daily calcium requirements.
  2. Rich in Magnesium: Magnesium aids in bone production and facilitates the body’s more effective absorption of calcium.`
  3. Phosphorus-rich: Phosphorus and calcium work together to create strong teeth and bones.
  4. Packed with Zinc: Zinc helps prevent osteoporosis and maintains bone density.
  5. Has Vitamin K: Vitamin K aids in the absorption of calcium and is necessary for bone metabolism.

The Advantages of Honey as a Natural Sweetener:

  1. Honey is a more healthful and natural substitute for processed sugar. It gives the sesame seeds a delicious flavour boost.
  2. Honey has a high content of antioxidants that help shield your cells from harm.
  3. Anti-Inflammatory: The anti-inflammatory qualities of honey can aid in the reduction of inflammation and joint discomfort.

How to Prepare the Mixture

It is easy to make and takes only a few minutes to prepare this bone-strengthening concoction.

  1. One-tspn sesame seeds
  2. One tsp honey


  1. Measure out one teaspoon’s worth of sesame seeds. Both black and white sesame seeds work well for you and have comparable health advantages.
  2. Add Honey: Combine one teaspoon of honey with the sesame seeds. Make sure the honey coats the seeds well.
  3. Consume: Take one daily dose of this combination. It can be used as a mid-afternoon snack or as a morning boost.

How to Incorporate This Remedy
For best results, take the sesame seed and honey mixture consistently. Here are some tips on how to include it in your daily routine:

  • Morning Ritual: Eat it first thing in the morning, without food, to ensure optimal absorption of nutrients.
  • Mid-Day Snack: Savour it as a light and nutritious midday snack.
  • For breakfast, include it into your smoothie, muesli or yoghurt to add taste and nutrition.

Extra Advice for Strong Bones
In addition to using this home cure, remember these suggestions to keep your bones strong:

  • A well-balanced diet should consist of a range of foods that are high in calcium, magnesium, and vitamin D.
  • Frequent Exercise: To strengthen your bones, take part in weight-bearing activities like resistance training, walking, or running.
  • Sun Exposure: Get outside and spend some time in the sun to increase your vitamin D levels, which aid in the absorption of calcium.


Honey combined with sesame seeds is an easy, all-natural, and tasty approach to promote bone health. This potent blend provides vital nutrients that fortify your bones and enhance your general health. Take advantage of the advantages of stronger bones by including this simple cure into your everyday routine. Cheers to happy you and stronger, healthier bones!


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