Hearty Crockpot Cowboy Soup

Hearty Crockpot Cowboy Soup

This Hearty Crockpot Cowboy Soup Just a playful moniker for a classic vegetable soup with hamburgers! When the kids were younger, we tried renaming it to make them eat it, and it worked! Without a doubt one of our favourites.

This Is Something You Will Love: A hearty bowl of this flavorful tex mex soup is the ideal wintertime dish.
This simple crock pot dish is ideal for meal planning; prepare a large quantity and freeze the remainder!
For this easy homemade supper, all you need to do is brown the ground beef and put everything in the crock pot. Even on the busiest days, dinner will seem manageable with it!

COURSE: Principal Dish
PREPARATION TIME: Fifteen minutes
COOKING TIME: Two hours and thirty minutes
TOTAL TIME: Two hours and forty-five minutes

Ingredients for Hearty Crockpot Cowboy Soup:

  1. 4 Yukon Gold potatoes
  2. 2 pounds of ground beef
  3. Two cans of undrained mixed veggies
  4. One can of undrained sweet corn
  5. One can of condensed tomato soup
  6. One can of petite diced tomatoes
  7. One can of cut green beans
  8. One pinch of salt
  9. One dash of pepper
  10. Two tablespoons of sugar

Instructions for Hearty Crockpot Cowboy Soup:

  • Cut potatoes into small pieces after peeling them.
  • Cook and remove the ground meat.
  • Fill a large slow cooker with potatoes and steak.
  • Include the diced tomatoes, tomato soup can, and all of the vegetable cans.
  • To taste, add salt and pepper.
  • Lastly, add the secret ingredient—sugar—that makes this soup unique from others. I learned this from my grandmother Hazel.
  • Combine together and simmer in a slow cooker on low for two to three hours.
Note for Hearty Crockpot Cowboy Soup:

Of course, you could replace these with frozen or fresh vegetables, but you would also need to add one or two cans of beef stock. If you are using canned vegetables, you don’t need to add this since the moisture and flavour come from the undrained cans. Have fun!

Storage Hearty Crockpot Cowboy Soup:

This soup keeps nicely in storage and is perfect for meal prep! Remaining soup can be refrigerated for three to four days in an airtight container. Freeze the soup in a freezer container for extended storage. Make sure the container has enough space for the frozen soup to grow!

Hearty Crockpot Cowboy Soup

In our household, easy crockpot meals are swiftly taking over as a fall mainstay. Coming home from practice to an already prepared dinner is the best part of having two kids who participate in after-school sports. Additionally, as all parents are aware, kids arrive at the door HUNGRY from sports practice. Some days my boys can consume so much food after school that it’s almost alarming.

This cowboy soup in a crockpot is great! This robust soup will fill even the largest appetites since it contains a generous amount of lean ground beef, tender cubed potatoes, and seasoned pinto beans. With the ideal amount of cumin, chilli powder, and green chiles, this soup has a mouthwatering tex-mex taste. You just need to brown the ground beef and toss everything into the crockpot to create a tasty homemade soup that the whole family will enjoy.

Recipe adopted from: My sweet and salty life





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