Exploring the Exciting World of NHL Goal Songs

Exciting World of NHL Goal Songs

Exploring the Exciting World of NHL Goal Songs: Playoff Picks and Goal Songs Ranking! The National Hockey League (NHL) is one of the most thrilling sports leagues in the world, known for its fast-paced action, physicality, and skillful players.

As the Stanley Cup playoffs begin, fans are eagerly anticipating which teams will advance to the next round.

In this article, we will share our NHL first-round playoff picks and also rank the best and worst goal songs in the league.

NHL First-Round Playoff Picks

The NHL playoffs are an exciting time for hockey fans, as teams battle it out for the ultimate prize, the Stanley Cup. Here are our predictions for the first round of the playoffs:

  • Colorado Avalanche vs. St. Louis Blues: Avalanche in 5
  • Vegas Golden Knights vs. Minnesota Wild: Golden Knights in 6
  • Toronto Maple Leafs vs. Montreal Canadiens: Maple Leafs in 7
  • Edmonton Oilers vs. Winnipeg Jets: Oilers in 5
  • Pittsburgh Penguins vs. New York Islanders: Islanders in 6
  • Washington Capitals vs. Boston Bruins: Capitals in 7
  • Carolina Hurricanes vs. Nashville Predators: Hurricanes in 5
  • Florida Panthers vs. Tampa Bay Lightning: Lightning in 6

Ranking the NHL’s Best and Worst Goal Songs

Goal songs have become an integral part of the NHL experience, with each team having its unique song to celebrate when they score a goal. Here’s our ranking of the best and worst goal songs in the league.

Best Goal Songs:

  1. Vegas Golden Knights – “Viva Las Vegas”
  2. Winnipeg Jets – “Brass Bonanza”
  3. Chicago Blackhawks – “Chelsea Dagger”
  4. Carolina Hurricanes – “Raise Up”
  5. Detroit Red Wings – “Don’t Stop Believin'”

Worst Goal Songs:

  1. New Jersey Devils – “Rock and Roll Part 2”
  2. Anaheim Ducks – “Bro Hymn”
  3. Nashville Predators – “I Like It, I Love It”
  4. Calgary Flames – “Holiday”
  5. Arizona Coyotes – “Howlin’ for You”


The NHL playoffs are always an exciting time for hockey fans, with high-stakes games and thrilling moments. Whether it’s predicting the winners of the first round or ranking the best and worst goal songs, the NHL never fails to deliver an exciting experience for its fans.


Q: What is the NHL? A: The NHL (National Hockey League) is a professional ice hockey league in North America, consisting of 31 teams from the United States and Canada.

Q: How many teams are in the NHL?

A: Currently, there are 31 teams in the NHL.

Q: When does the NHL season start?

A: The NHL season typically starts in October and runs through the spring, with the playoffs taking place in the summer.

Q: What is the Stanley Cup?

A: The Stanley Cup is the oldest professional sports trophy in North America, awarded annually to the team that wins the NHL playoffs.

Q: How are NHL playoff teams determined?

A: The top 16 teams based on regular season points qualify for the NHL playoffs.

Q: How long is an NHL game?

A: An NHL game consists of three periods, each 20 minutes long, for a total of 60 minutes of game time.

Q: How many players are on an NHL team?

A: Each NHL team is allowed to have a roster of up to 23 players, consisting of 20 skaters and 3 goaltenders.

Q: What are some common penalties in NHL games?

A: Common penalties in NHL games include slashing, tripping, high-sticking, and interference.

Q: Who are some of the most famous NHL players of all time?

A: Some of the most famous NHL players of all time include Wayne Gretzky, Bobby Orr, Mario Lemieux, and Gordie Howe.

Q: What are some popular NHL teams?

A: Popular NHL teams include the Montreal Canadiens, Toronto Maple Leafs, New York Rangers, Boston Bruins, and Chicago Blackhawks.

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