Air Fryer Breakfast Frittata

Air Fryer Breakfast Frittata

Using a cake pan that fits within the air fryer basket, this air fryer breakfast frittata is simple to prepare. Modify the components according to your preferences. Line the bottom of the pan with parchment paper if you are concerned that the frittata will stick to the pan.
This uncomplicated meal is perfect for a weekday lunch or even breakfast for supper (commonly known as “brinner”) because it’s so simple to prepare! My favourite kind of family supper is one that is tasty, satisfying, ready in a matter of minutes, and requires almost no cleanup. I hope you enjoy this filling dinner!


  1. cooking oil
  2. A half-pound of well cooked and shredded breakfast sausage
  3. Four sizable eggs, lightly whisked
  4. ½ cup of shredded Monterey Jack and cheddar cheese
  5. Two tablespoons of chopped red bell pepper
  6. One sliced green onion
  7. One dash of cayenne (optional)



  1. Set an air fryer to 180 degrees Celsius, or 360 degrees Fahrenheit. Apply cooking spray to a nonstick 6×2-inch cake pan.
  2. In a sizable bowl, mix together sausage, eggs, cheese, bell pepper, green onion, and cayenne pepper.
  3. Transfer the beaten eggs into the ready-made cake pan.



  • To keep your frittata from sticking, line a 20cm springform pan with non-stick baking paper and lightly grease the sides.
  • To stop the top of your frittata from browning too much, cover it with a thin layer of foil. Press a sheet of foil onto the top of the tin with oven gloves to prevent it from flying off.
  • To avoid spills, I prefer to combine all of the ingredients for my frittata in a jug before pouring it directly into the pan.
  • Since every air fryer is different, I suggest that you check the frittata after 12 minutes.




  • Switch up the vegetables you use. Frozen peas, chopped peppers, or drained canned sweet corn are also excellent options.
  • Chopped red chilli can be used to make it spicier.
    If fresh herbs aren’t available, use dried ones instead.

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