Air fryer lamb chops

Air fryer lamb chops

One of my favourite meats is lamb! It tastes powerful, with a hint of game and grassiness, and is a refreshing diversion from beef or chicken.These lamb chops have a lovely crust and are quite delicious when cooked in an air fryer. I adore that they are ready to serve in just a few minutes, and they turn out wonderfully cooked! You’ll be using less oil and the chops’ fat will drain to the bottom of the frying basket, air-fried lamb chops are easier to make and have a somewhat lower fat content than pan-fried lamb chops. These chops, which are already delicious, will become extraordinary when topped with a handmade garlic and herb butter!

Five minutes for preparation
Ten minutes for cooking
Servings 4
823 calories each serving

Ingredients for Air Fryer Lamb Chops:

  1. At room temperature, 125g of diced Coles Australian Salted Butter
  2. Two smashed garlic cloves
  3. 1 teaspoon finely chopped, fresh rosemary
  4. Eight chops of lamb

Instructions for Air Fryer Lamb Chops:

First Step:

Put some butter in a little bowl. Mash with a fork. Stir in the garlic and rosemary after adding them. Arrange onto a tiny sliver of parchment paper and form into a roughly 12-cm-long log. Cover the log with parchment paper. Put in the refrigerator to cool until solid.

Second Step:

Set the air fryer at 200C for five minutes to preheat. Lightly mist lamb chops with oil. Time of year. Spread out in a single layer over the air fryer basket’s base. For medium-rare, cook for 3 minutes on each side. Place a half-slice of garlic butter on top of each chop. Don’t turn on the air fryer; instead, close it for a minute to allow the butter to melt.


  • It could be necessary for you to cook the lamb in two batches, depending on how big your air fryer is.
  • As instructed, preheat the air fryer. Cook the lamb for two minutes and thirty seconds on each side if you prefer it rare. Cook for 4 minutes on each side for medium. Cook for five minutes on each side until well done.
  • You can refrigerate leftover garlic butter for up to three days. Cut into slices and put in a plastic bag that may be sealed before freezing.

Recipe by: Tracy Rutherford

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