air fryer muffaletta sandwich

air fryer muffaletta sandwich Prepare to enjoy a classic New Orleans dish with a contemporary twist! Presenting the Air Fryer Muffaletta Sandwich: a delectable blend of cured meat layers, melty cheese, and seasoned olive salad, all encased in the recognisable circular sesame baguette.


  1. One 8 to 9-inch circular loaf of bread with seeds
  2. Four ounces of finely sliced salami
  3. Four ounces of finely sliced capicola
  4. Four ounces of thinly sliced mortadella
  5. Four ounces of thinly sliced mozzarella cheese
  6. Four ounces of finely sliced provolone cheese
  7. One cup of any brand olive salad


  1. Cut the loaf of bread in half lengthwise, then remove the soft bread from inside each half with your hands. Cavities will be formed for the filling as a result.
  2. Be careful not to tear through the crust and leave a half-inch of soft bread at the edge.
  3. Spread about 2 cups of the salad across the 2 pieces of bread after giving the salad one more stir to re-integrate the oil and seasonings. Smoosh it firmly into the bread, covering the whole surface, using the back of a spoon.
  4. On the bottom piece of bread, arrange the salami, capicola, mortadella, mozzarella, and provolone. Turn the top slice of bread over with caution.
  5. Tightly wrap the muffuletta with foil and allow it to sit for at least 1 hour at room temperature for the flavors to marry and the oil to soak into the bread.
  6. After placing the sandwich in the air fryer, heat it for five to seven minutes at 300 degrees Fahrenheit, or until the cheese has melted.


What kind of bread should I use for a Muffaletta sandwich?

A large, round bread with sesame seeds is the typical choice for a Muffaletta sandwich. This kind of bread is the ideal size for layering the different meats and cheeses, and it is robust enough to support all the ingredients without becoming mushy.

Can I make a Muffaletta sandwich without an air fryer?

Of course! You can also create this sandwich with a skillet or a panini press, but the bread has a great crispy texture when cooked in an air fryer. If using a skillet, simulate the compression of a panini press down with a spatula or similar heavy skillet.

What meats are included in a traditional Muffaletta sandwich?

The usual components of a traditional Muffaletta are layers of capicola, mortadella, ham and salami. These meats range in taste and texture from sweet to spicy and all points in between.

How important is the olive salad to the sandwich?

The olive salad is essential since it contributes to the unique flavour character of a muffaletta. It’s a combination of chopped olives, capers, pickled veggies, and olive oil that tastes best when stacked liberally to enhance every bite.


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