With just three ingredients, these 15-minute healthy and quick snack recipe for peanut butter and banana rolls makes a delicious dessert that both kids and adults will enjoy!

Rolls of PB Banana Eggs

These Peanut Butter Banana Egg Rolls are an absolutely delicious snack, especially if you adore your Air Fryer as much as I do! Egg roll wrappers are lightly coated with peanut butter, then rolled up with a fresh banana. For the crunchiest results, lightly cover the egg roll wrapper with oil and place it in your Air Fryer. After ten minutes, you’re left with a deliciously crispy and creamy delight!

COMPOSITION For Rolls of PB Banana Eggs

  1. Two wrappers for egg rolls
  2. Two tsp of peanut butter
  3. Two medium-sized bananas

DIRECTIONS For Rolls of PB Banana Eggs

  1. Place the egg roll wrappers on the counter and cover the centre of each one with a thin layer of 1 Tablespoon peanut butter. Make sure the margins free of peanut butter have at least 1/2 inch.
  2. After peeling the bananas, place one on each wrapper, lining up the corners. Cut the bananas down if they are too big so that they are at least one inch away from the corners.
  3. Using a pastry brush or your finger, lightly moisten the wrapper’s outer edges.
  4. Tightly roll each egg roll by folding the sides towards the centre and misting each one with a small amount
  5. of pan spray or olive oil.
    Put the egg rolls in your air fryer and cook on high for 8 to 10 minutes, or until they are golden and crispy.
  6. Savour right now!


The egg rolls will cook just fine without needing to be sprayed with oil, but they won’t be as crispy or have a lovely golden colour.


YIELD: 2 SERVING SIZE: 1 Serving Quantity: 292 calories FAT TOTAL: 9 g 2 g of saturated fat TRANS FAT: 0 gram mes 6 g of unsaturated fat CHOLESTEROL: three milli gram mes SODIUM: 260 mg 49 g of carbohydrate of fibrefill of sugar 8 g of protein


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