Hot and Warm Tea Recipes

Hot and Warm Tea Recipes

The Hot and Warm Tea Recipes matters a lot this time of year, the weather is not very nice to us. Sharp frosts, a piercing wind, and the general oppressive cold are a bother to all of us. That’s why I’ve prepared three savoury and warming winter tea recipes, keeping in mind all those who are easily chilled as well as tea lovers and hygge enthusiasts. These will make it more enjoyable for you to come home in the autumn and winter, curl up with a book or continue those endless conversations with friends.

More tea equals more joy:
Teas are surely a source of distinct scents and priceless vitamins with each cup. Therefore, make them in big mugs, cups, or even better, jugs; after all, slices of citrus or apple and herbs require some room. And drinking more tea makes you happier and allows you to unwind for longer. Who doesn’t enjoy having a lovely warmth spread throughout their body?And keep in mind that good things are meant to be shared, so a nicely packaged, high-quality tea along with some of your own tea inspirations can make a lovely gift that will cheer up a lot of people.

Recipes Adopted From: NutraTea

Now let’s work and watch the magic happen!

This cosy and earthy recipe starts with our popular Turmeric & Cinnamon tea. It’s an excellent choice for ensuring that you feel anchored and supported on chilly mornings or gloomy afternoons. In addition, this tea’s anti-inflammatory components are perfect if the colder, rainier weather is giving you difficulties.

To prepare it;

  • Take a tea bag infused with turmeric and cinnamon
  • Put it in your favourite cup.
  • Add a slice of orange and a stick of cinnamon.
  • After adding the freshly boiled water, leave it for about five minutes.
  • Since our teabags can be used again, take out the teabag and put it aside for later. If you would like a little bit extra sweetness, take a sip to evaluate the sweetness levels and add honey to taste.


This time of year, lemon and ginger tea is a classic for good reason. While the brilliant citrus notes of the lemon improve our spirits and give us more energy, the warming ginger soothes and uplifts us.

To prepare it;

  • Lemon and Ginger, these two components are widely known for boosting immunity and relieving cold symptoms.
  • Put two or three slices of fresh ginger in a mug along with a Ginseng & Ginger tea bag.
  • Juice one quarter of a lemon by cutting it into quarters, and then add the squeezed quarter to the mug as well.
  • Depending on your desired sweetness level, add ½ teaspoon to a teaspoon of honey.
  • After adding the freshly boiled water, soak for five minutes.


This immune-boosting blend contains echinacea and elderberry, two of the most well-liked herbal defences against colds and coughs.

To prepare it;

  • The base tea for this recipe is our Elderberry and Echinacea blend.
  • Next, add a cinnamon stick, two cloves, and 50 ml of apple juice (use real apples or make your own).
  • We’ve given it an extra layer of flavour by infusing apple and spices into this winter tea recipe, making it feel like a true seasonal treat.
  • After bringing the water to a boil, add the teabag and spices.
  • After about four minutes, take out the cloves and teabag.
  • For aesthetic reasons as well as an extra dose of cinnamon, leave the cinnamon stick in place!

During the winter, we should all take care of ourselves. Making a cup of tea is a simple everyday task that may become a ritual that lifts your spirits if you choose your tea blend carefully.

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