Quick N Easy Beef Lombardi Recipe

Quick N Easy Beef Lombardi Recipe 

Beef Lombardi is only ground beef and chopped tomatoes poured over mixture of creamy noodles, topped with cheese, then baked, despite the dish’s elegant name. You can construct the casserole and freeze it for up to one month, making it fantastic make-ahead meal.

Ingredients For Quick N Easy Beef Lombardi Recipe :

 List of Ingredients

  1. Lean ground beef pound
  2. One (14.5-oz) can of chopped tomatoes
  3. One 10oz can of chopped tomatoes with green chilies
  4. two tsp sugar
  5. two tsp salt
  6. One-half teaspoon of pepper
  7. One 6-oz can of tomato paste
  8. One bay leaf
  9. One package (6 ounces) of medium egg noodles
  10. Six sliced green onions, or almost half cup
  11. One cup of sour cream
  12. One cup (4 ounces) of strong Cheddar cheese, shredded
  13. One cup of Parmesan cheese, shredded
  14. ounces (1 cup) of shredded Cheese mozzarella
  15. Fresh parsley sprigs as a garnish

Instructions For Quick N Easy Beef Lombardi Recipe 

Step 1

  • In a large skillet over medium heat, cook ground beef for 5 to 6 minutes, stirring, until it crumbles and loses its pink color. Empty.

Step 2:

  • Cook for 5 minutes after adding the following 4 ingredients including the diced tomatoes. Simmer for 30 minutes after adding the tomato paste and bay leaf.

Step 3:

  • Prepare egg noodles according the instructions on the package, then drain.

Step 4

  • Blend together sour cream, chopped green onions, and cooked egg noodles.

Step 5:

  • Fill a 13 x 9-inch baking dish halfway with the noodle mixture. Lightly oil the dish. Add the meat mixture on top, then evenly distribute the cheeses.

Step 6

  • Bake for 35 minutes at 350° with an aluminum foil cover.
  • Remove the casserole’s cover and continue baking for an additional five minutes.
  • Add a garnish if preferred.

Step 7

  • If preferred, freeze the casserole for up to one month. In the fridge, thaw for the entire night. Bake according to recipe.

Step 8:

  • To make lighter: Use fat-free or low-fat sour cream and Cheddar cheese with a 2% reduced fat content instead.
  • Cut the quantity of cheeses each to half a cup on top.

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