Two-Ingredient Air Fryer Bagels

Two-Ingredient Air Fryer Bagels

These handmade bagels are constructed with a basis of a well-liked two-ingredient pizza dough recipe. No boiling, no waiting for the dough to rise, and no yeast required. About fifteen minutes in and out of the air fryer. Everything bagel seasoning, poppy seeds, sesame seeds, or dried onion flakes are optional toppings.

fifteen minutes for preparation
Cooking Period:fifteen minutes
15 minutes for cooling
Entire Time: 45 Minutes
4 Servings; 4 Bagels in Yield

Two-Ingredient Air Fryer Bagels

Components Dough:

  1. 1 ¼ cups flour that self-rises
  2. One cup of plain, full-fat Greek yogurt


  1. 1 large egg white, beaten
  2. 3 teaspoons everything bagel seasoning

Directions For Two-Ingredient Air Fryer Bagels

  1. Using a fork, mix flour and Greek yogurt together in a medium bowl until a crumbly dough forms. If mixture is too thick, add a little more yogurt or if too sticky, add a bit more flour.
  2. Place the dough on a surface dusted with flour, and knead it for five to seven minutes, or until it is smooth. Evenly divide the dough into four balls. Roll each ball into an 8- to 9-inch-long rope that is 3/4-inch thick. To create a bagel, join the two ends, pinch, and seal. Sprinkle with bagel spice and brush with egg white.
  3. Set an air fryer to 280 degrees Fahrenheit, or 137 degrees Celsius. Use a parchment paper liner or a mild cooking spray to line the fryer basket.
  4. After adding the bagels to the basket, heat for 15 to 16 minutes, or until they are golden brown. If your air fryer is modest, cook in two batches rather than packing the basket full.
  5. Before slicing, remove to a rack and let cool for about 15 minutes.

Nutrition Facts(per serving)

185 Calories
1g Fat
35g Carbs
6g Protein

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