Air fryer maple pecan hand pies are really tasty and easy to prepare! These little pecan pies are made extra flaky and buttery with puff pastry. You can eat them as an afternoon snack or pack them in your child’s lunchbox!


Making these hand pies in the air fryer is really simple. I adore making these with puff pastry because the flaky shell makes them somewhat more delicious.

There aren’t many ingredients needed for maple pecan pies. Just butter, sugar, pecan nuts, maple syrup, and puff pastry.



  1. One sheet of thawed puff pastry
  2. Four tablespoons of brown sugar
  3. half a stick of melted unsalted butter (55 grammes)
  4. Two tsp of maple syrup
  5. ½ cup of finely chopped pecans (55 grammes)
  6. powdered sugar (optional) for dusting



  1. First, make the filling by mixing the butter, pecans that have been coarsely chopped, and maple syrup. Freeze for ten minutes, or until the butter has somewhat solidified (it doesn’t have to be rock-hard; it just has to stop dripping).
  2. Unfold the puff pastry now and transfer it to a work surface dusted with flour. Gently roll it out; don’t apply too much pressure. Cut it into rectangles of the same size.
  3. Leaving the corners of the pastry rectangles unfilled, pour roughly 2 teaspoons of the filling onto the right side of each rectangle. Fold the left portion over the filling. Crimp the pastry edges with a fork to seal them. Using a fork, pierce each pie.
  4. Fry in two batches at 375°F (190°C) for seven minutes, or until golden brown and puffy, in an air fryer that has been warmed.
  5. After they have cooled, you can optionally coat them with powdered sugar.



  • The puff pastry takes around thirty minutes to defrost. I suggest unfolding it when it’s still slightly frozen because it’s more manageable and won’t stick.
  • This recipe yielded 8 pies (2 by 4 inches/6 by 10 cm). You may receive more or less. This will vary depending on how big you make the hand pies and how much pastry you have.



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