At 60 and No Longer Have Wrinkles

At 60 and No Longer Have Wrinkles! My Grandmother Removed All the Wrinkles from Her Face with Cream from Onion Peels

This incredible onion peel cream is the only solution you need if you’re looking for a safe and natural technique to treat wrinkles. Using this cure, my 60-year-old grandma believes she has no wrinkles anymore! Let’s look at how to make this amazing anti-aging lotion at home so you may have glowing, young skin.


  • Peels of 2 large onions
  • 1 cup water
  • 1 tablespoon olive oil
  • 1 tablespoon coconut oil
  • 1 tablespoon beeswax
  • 2 vitamin E capsules


1. Prepare the Onion Peel Infusion:

  • Boil Water: Place one cup of water in a small saucepan and bring it to a boil.
  • Add Onion Peels: Put the onion peels into the water that is boiling. After lowering the heat, simmer it for ten minutes or so.
  • Remove from the heat source and filter the liquid into a sanitised container, being sure to dispose of the peels. Allow the infusion of onion peel to cool.

2. Make the Cream Base:

  • Melt the Oils and Beeswax: Place the olive oil, coconut oil, and beeswax in a double boiler. Gently heat until all the ingredients are melted and thoroughly mixed.
  • Cool Slightly: Take the mixture off of the heat source and let it to cool just a little bit—not enough to harden.

3. Mix the Ingredients:

  • Combine Infusion and Oils: Stirring constantly, gradually add the cooled infusion of onion peels to the oil mixture. As the mixture cools, it should begin to thicken.
  • Add the vitamin E by opening the capsules and squeezing the contents into the concoction. To combine, give it a good stir.

4. Keep the Cream Cold:

  • Pour the cream into a sterile, clean container to be transferred. Allow it to cool fully before covering with a lid.
  • Chill: Keep the cream chilled by placing it in the fridge. It can last up to two weeks.

How to Apply

  • Daily Use: Right before bed, massage the cream over your face and neck. Use gentle circular motions to massage it into your skin.
  • Use the cream consistently for the greatest outcomes. After a few weeks of consistent application, you ought to notice a decrease in wrinkles and an improvement in the texture of your skin.

Advantages of the Substances

  • Peel onions: Onion peels, being high in quercetin and antioxidants, aid in fighting aging-causing free radicals and reducing inflammation.
  • Olive Oil: Rich in antioxidants and vitamins, olive oil soothes .
  • Beeswax: Forms a layer of defence over the skin, retaining moisture and promoting skin hydration.

    Vitamin E: A potent antioxidant that aids in skin regeneration and shields it from harm.

In summary
This DIY onion peel cream is an easy-to-use wrinkle treatment that works wonders. It works, as seen by my grandmother’s young look at 60. Try using this natural cream as part of your skincare regimen to see the results of smoother, younger-looking skin. Cheers to a glowing, wrinkle-free complexion!



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