Avocado caprese salad

Avocado caprese salad

Quick, refreshing & perfect for summer! This avocado caprese salad is bursting with seasonal tomatoes, creamy avocado, fresh mozzarella & sliced basil! Serve it as an appetizer or side dish with your favorite protein!

Avocado caprese salad – the epitome of summer salads! This version is a fun little spin on the classic Italian salad I’m sure you’ve had at so many restaurants. Light, refreshing and incredibly flavorful – this salad has it all! The avocado is what really sets it apart. I just love the creaminess it adds and it pairs so well with your tangy balsamic glaze.

This salad tastes like a dream and comes together in just 15 minutes! There’s hardly any prep work involved making it one of the easiest summer salads. Plus it’s incredibly versatile too! Serve it as a side dish, appetizer or take it to a summer potluck – you’re friends and family are going to love it!

Why you’ll love this caprese salad recipe!

Quick & easy! Only 15 minutes + very little prep work!

The best summer salad! This salad utilizes the best of summer produce – sweet tomatoes, creamy avocado + fresh basil are a match made in heaven!

Pairs well with everything! It’s sweet & savory flavors make this salad a delicious addition to any meal! Serve it as a refreshing side dish with your favorite protein or pair it with toasted bread for a tasty appetizer!

A white bowl filled with avocado caprese salad sitting net to a small bottle of olive oil and a jar of homemade balsamic glaze


1 pint cherry tomatoes, cut in half (about 2½ cups)

8 oz. mozzarella pearls (mini mozzarella balls)

1-2 medium avocados, diced

⅓ cup fresh basil, thinly sliced

1 Tbsp extra virgin olive oil

1 Tbsp balsamic glaze

Salt, to taste

Cracked black pepper, to taste


Toss. Add the tomatoes, mozzarella, avocado and sliced basil to a large bowl. Drizzle the olive oil and balsamic glaze over the top and season with salt and pepper to taste.

Toss the salad until it’s coated to your liking then taste and adjust the seasonings, if needed.

Garnish & serve! Garnish with extra sliced basil and serve immediately. (Alternatively, you can chill the salad for 30 minutes before serving.)

Homemade Balsamic Glaze:

½ cup balsamic vinegar

1-2 Tbsp maple syrup, honey or brown sugar(depending on how sweet you want it)

Step 1: Whisk the balsamic vinegar and your sweetener of choice together in a small pot on the stove. Bring the mixture to a boil over medium-high heat.

Step 2: Once boiling, turn the burner down to medium-low (or until it becomes a soft boil/simmer) and let the balsamic mixture simmer for 8-10 minutes, stirring occasionally. (The glaze should slightly reduce in size and be thick enough to lightly coat the back of a spoon once it’s done.)

Step 3: Transfer the glaze to a small glass bowl and let it cool completely. (The glaze will thicken as it cools.)

Step 4: Pour the cooled glaze into a glass jar or bottle and keep it stored in the refrigerator until you’re ready to use it.

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