Frozen Yogurt Bark

Frozen Yogurt Bark

The Frozen Yogurt Bark It’s really simple and enjoyable to make this nutritious frozen yoghurt bark dish. Add some granola and fresh summer berries or some peanut butter and micro chocolate chips on top! A protein-rich, healthful snack. You can make nutritious snacks or treats like homemade frozen yoghurt bark in little time at all with just two ingredients.

The prep time is five minutes.
Total Duration
Five minutes
Produce 24 pieces.

Recipe By Katie

Ingredients For Frozen Yogurt Bark:

  1. Two cups of coconut yogurt or full-fat Greek yogurt
  2. 2 tablespoons desired sweetener
  3. 1 tsp pure vanilla essence, chocolate chips, strawberries, blueberries, or desired toppings

The recipe’s measurement in grams:

  1. If you would prefer to weigh out 480 grams of yogurt, 30 grams of your preferred sweetener, and 2 grams of pure vanilla extract using a food scale rather than the cups.
  2. It’s not necessary to measure out the toppings precisely. As many as you desire can be used.
  3. Please feel free to cut the recipe in half and use only half of the baking tray if you would rather make a single serving or smaller batch dish than a family-size one.

Instructions For Frozen Yogurt Bark:

  • In a bowl, whisk together the yogurt, vanilla, and sweetener. Spread onto a baking sheet covered with paper. As desired, add toppings in a sprinkle. Freeze until completely cold, about 4 hours. Use a knife to cut into bars or your hands to break them apart. Keep any leftovers frozen. Have fun!

Simple toppings for frozen yogurt bark:

  • Enjoy creating as many distinct Greek yogurt bark flavours as you can with this nutritious, kid-friendly snack.
  • Add a dollop of almond or peanut butter and garnish with sliced bananas.
  • Or mix with some Nutella and toasted, crushed hazelnuts.
  • Add a little amount of chopped walnuts, pecans, almonds, matcha powder, hemp seeds, chia seeds, micro chocolate chips, or shredded coconut.
  • Serve sliced blueberries, raspberries, and strawberries together.
  • Alternately, you could turn the yogurt bark into a nutritious breakfast choice by adding your own cereal or granola and some fresh fruit, such mango, apple, or cherries.
  • It’s possible to separate the bark into portions and let children to top each portion separately within the same pan. Everyone in the family is content in this way!

Benefits of frozen yogurt bark nutrition:

  • Cut this recipe into twenty-four equal portions; each will only contain fourteen calories and a whopping 2.5 grams of protein.
  • Over seven pieces of frozen yogurt bark, with an amazing seventeen and a half grams of protein, could be had for less than 100 calories!
  • The nutritious yogurt bark is not only a high-protein, low-calorie snack, but it also contains probiotics and calcium.
  • Fresh blueberries and strawberries are rich in heart-healthy nutrients and provide vitamin C, potassium, folate, niacin, antioxidants, and fibre. Additionally, using vegan yogurt will make the recipe cholesterol-free.

Tips for storing bark healthily:

  • Any Greek yogurt bark that is left over should be kept in an airtight container or sealed bag.
  • To keep the bark from clinging to itself, place a layer of wax or parchment paper in between layers.
  • Leftovers will keep in the freezer for up to three or two months. Naturally, this only applies if you don’t finish it all first!

Facts about Nutrition:
Servings: Twenty-four pieces each Daily Value of Calories: 14%; Total Fat: 0.4g; Saturated Fat: 0.2g; Sodium: 7 mg0% 0.7g of total carbohydrates 0% 0g<0% of Dietary Fibre Protein 2.5g, Total Sugars 0.6g, and Vitamin D 0mcg20 mg of calcium, 0%2% Iron 0 mg28 mg of potassium, 0%1% Smart Points for Weight Watchers: 0 (free food) Less than one gram of net carbs

The nutritional information for frozen yogurt bark is based on 24 pieces. With more than 2 grams of protein in each piece, you can get almost 17 grams of protein for less than 100 calories.

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