How to Play Tape in CA 920 Camera

How to Play Tape in CA 920 Camera: The CA 920 camera is a popular handheld camcorder that allows users to record videos on cassette tapes. However, playing back these tapes can be confusing for new users. In this article, we’ll guide you through the steps needed to play tapes on the CA 920 camera.

  • Prepare the camera for tape playback
  • Insert the tape into the camera
  • Set the camera to VTR mode
  • Play the tape
  • Adjust the playback settings

Prepare the camera for tape playback:

Before you begin, make sure that the battery is fully charged, or the camera is plugged into an electrical outlet. Check the camera’s instruction manual for information on how to charge the battery. Also, ensure that the camera is in good condition and that the tape heads are clean. If the tape heads are dirty, use a head-cleaning cassette to clean them.

Insert the tape into the camera:

Insert the cassette tape into the compartment on the side of the camera. Make sure that the tape is inserted with the label facing outward and the tape reel facing inwards. Gently push the tape down until it clicks into place.

Set the camera to VTR mode:

Turn on the camera by pressing the power button. Once the camera is turned on, press the VTR button on the camera’s control panel. This will switch the camera from recording mode to playback mode.

Play the tape:

Press the play button on the camera’s control panel to begin playback. The camera will play the tape from the beginning to the end. You can use the fast-forward or rewind button to skip ahead or go back to specific parts of the tape.

Adjust the playback settings:

You can adjust the playback settings on the camera to improve the playback quality. Use the tracking button to adjust the tracking, which will help to reduce noise and improve the picture quality. You can also adjust the playback speed, which will affect the audio quality.


Playing back tapes on the CA 920 camera is easy, but it requires a few simple steps. By following the instructions above, you can play your cassette tapes on the camera and enjoy your recorded memories. Always make sure to follow the safety precautions outlined in the camera’s instruction manual when using the camera.


Q: Can I use any type of cassette tape with the CA 920 camera?

A: No, the CA 920 camera is designed to work with miniDV cassette tapes only. You cannot use other types of tapes with this camera.

Q: Can I connect the CA 920 camera to a computer to transfer videos?

A: Yes, you can connect the camera to a computer using a Firewire cable and transfer videos using video editing software.

Q: Can I record directly onto the same tape that I’ve played back on the CA 920 camera?

A: It’s not recommended to record on the same tape that you’ve played back on the camera. This can cause wear and tear on the tape and decrease the quality of your recordings.

Q: How do I eject the tape from the camera?

A: To eject the tape, press the eject button on the camera. The tape compartment will open, and you can remove the tape.

Q: How do I clean the tape heads on the CA 920 camera?

A: Use a head-cleaning cassette to clean the tape heads on the camera. Follow the instructions on the cleaning cassette carefully to avoid damaging the camera.

Q: How long can I record on a miniDV cassette tape?

A: The recording time depends on the quality setting and the capacity of the tape. A standard 60-minute miniDV tape can record up to 60 minutes in SP mode and up to 90 minutes in LP mode.

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