How to Play Tape in Canon 920 Camera

How to Play Tape in Canon 920 Camera: Canon 920 is a popular camcorder model that is widely used for capturing high-quality videos. It comes equipped with a tape compartment that allows users to record and store their footage on mini DV tapes. In this article, we will discuss how to play tapes in a Canon 920 camera.

Steps to Play Tape in Canon 920 Camera

Step 1: Power On the Camera

The first step is to turn on the Canon 920 camera by sliding the power switch to the “ON” position. Once the camera is turned on, you will see the Canon logo on the screen, and the viewfinder will display the live image.

Step 2: Open the Tape Compartment

Next, locate the tape compartment on the side of the camera and slide the latch to open it. The compartment will open, revealing the tape-loading area.

Step 3: Insert the Tape

Insert the mini DV tape into the tape loading area with the label facing outward. Gently push the tape down until it clicks into place.

Step 4: Close the Tape Compartment

After inserting the tape, close the tape compartment by pushing it back in until it clicks into place. The camera will automatically load the tape and start rewinding it to the beginning.

Step 5: Playback the Tape

To play the tape, press the “PLAY” button on the camera or the remote control. The camera will start playing the recorded footage, and you can view it on the screen or through the viewfinder.

Step 6: Control Playback

During playback, you can use the control buttons on the camera or remote control to pause, fast forward, rewind, or stop the tape. You can also adjust the volume or use headphones to listen to the audio.


Playing tapes in a Canon 920 camera is a simple process that can be easily accomplished by following the above steps. With proper handling and storage, mini DV tapes can last for years and preserve your precious memories in high quality.


Q. How do I eject the tape from the Canon 920 camera?

To eject the tape, you need to slide the tape compartment latch and wait for the camera to stop playing or recording. Once the tape is stopped, the camera will automatically rewind it to the beginning. Then, slide the tape compartment open and gently push the eject button on the tape. The camera will release the tape, and you can remove it from the loading area.

Q. Can I play tapes recorded on other camcorders in my Canon 920 camera?

Yes, you can play tapes recorded on other camcorders in your Canon 920 camera as long as they are recorded on mini DV tapes. However, you may need to adjust the playback settings on your camera to ensure the best playback quality.

Q. How do I transfer footage from the tape to a computer?

To transfer footage from the tape to a computer, you need to connect the camera to the computer using a FireWire cable. Then, use video editing software to capture the footage from the camera and save it to your computer’s hard drive.

Q. What should I do if the tape gets stuck in the camera?

If the tape gets stuck in the camera, first try to gently push the eject button and see if the camera releases the tape. If it does not work, try turning off the camera and turning it back on again. If the tape still does not eject, take the camera to a professional technician for repair.

Q. How long can I record on a mini DV tape?

The recording time on a mini DV tape depends on the recording mode and the capacity of the tape. Generally, a 60-minute mini DV tape can record up to 60 minutes in standard mode and up to 90 minutes in long play mode. However, the longer the recording time, the lower the video quality.

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