You want something sweet but don’t want to bake something. The NO BAKE COOKIE CAKE is the only thing you need. This wonderful treat is not only simple to make, but also tastes great. With all the information you need, this full guide will walk you through the steps of making your own NO-BAKE COOKIE CAKE. We’ll tell you everything you need to know, from the ingredients to how to make it to some creative ways to decorate. Let’s get started making this delicious treat!


  • Maria type biscuits or Digestive biscuits 400 grams
    Milk 500 ml
    Sugar 200 grams
    Vanilla essence 2 teaspoons
    Butter (room temperature) 200 grams
    Cocoa powder (optional) 2 tablespoons (if you want a chocolate variant)
    Decorations of your choice Chocolate chips, nuts, fruit, etc.


Now that you have everything you need, we’ll go over how to put together your NO BAKE COOKIE CAKE. If you follow these steps precisely, you will succeed.

Put the milk, sugar, and vanilla extract into a big bowl. Sugar should be dissolved by thorough mixing.

The mixture will become smooth and creamy after room temperature butter is added.

Include the cocoa powder and stir until it is thoroughly absorbed if you want to give your cake a chocolate flavor.

Start by constructing the cake in a suitable container for the fridge. Spread a single layer of cookies on the bottom of the pan and press them down firmly.

Cover the cookies entirely by pouring the milk-and-butter mixture over them. To use up all of the ingredients, repeat the procedure of layering the cookies with the milk and butter.

To complete your cake, add a final layer of batter and then use your imagination to decorate it with your favorite ingredients.

The cake has to rest in the fridge for at least 4 hours, ideally overnight, so cover it and put it in the fridge. The cookies can soften and the cake can settle into its ideal texture while this is happening.


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