Pizza Casserole Recipe: A Keto Pizza Lover’s Dream!

A Keto Pizza Lover’s Dream: Introducing our Delectable Pizza Casserole Recipe! If you’re like me and have an undying love for pizza, the idea of bidding it farewell due to a shift towards a keto lifestyle might have felt disheartening.

Pizza has a special place in our hearts, and the thought of giving it up entirely can be quite daunting. So, when I ventured into the realm of keto, my quest for a satisfying and easy pizza recipe commenced. I’d experimented with various cauliflower crusts, but alas, my family was not won over by them.

However, the quest persisted, and the result? A magnificent Keto Pizza Casserole sans cauliflower. It’s a breeze to make, immensely satisfying, and a medley of flavors that mimic the beloved pizza.

In this journey, we’ve unearthed a range of keto pizza recipes without cauliflower, each as delightful as the last. Today, let’s delve into the creation of our Keto Pizza Casserole – a savory masterpiece that promises to conquer your pizza cravings without compromising your keto goals.

Embrace the Pizza-licious Adventure

Our culinary adventure begins with assembling the perfect ingredients for this low-carb pizza casserole. We’ll navigate through the layers of savory delights, exploring the harmony of flavors, and discovering the secrets that make this casserole a keto pizza aficionado’s delight. So, put on your chef’s hat, and let’s craft a keto pizza experience that’s unforgettable and oh-so-delicious! 🍕✨


Thin Slices of Deli Ham – Go for smoked or black forest ham.

Low-Carb Marinara Sauce – Choose a sauce with less sugar or make your own using keto-friendly ingredients.

Ground Beef – Use your favorite type of beef.

Grated Mozzarella Cheese – Either buy pre-grated or grate from a block.

Freshly Grated Parmesan Cheese

Italian Seasoning and Oregano – These spices add yummy flavor.

Pepperoni Slices

Optional Toppings – You can add any of your favorite toppings, like:

Green Bell Peppers









How to Make It:

Step 1: Getting Ready

Cook the ground beef in a pan until it turns brown. Add the low-carb marinara sauce and some spices. Let it cook for about five minutes on medium-high heat.

Step 2: Creating Layers

Grease a baking dish (9×13 inches) with cooking spray.

Arrange the thin ham slices at the bottom, letting them overlap a bit.

Pour half of the beef and marinara mix over the ham.

Sprinkle a good amount of mozzarella and parmesan cheese.

Add another layer of ham or your preferred protein (turkey, salami, or pepperoni).

Layer more beef, marinara sauce, cheese, and your chosen toppings.

Step 3: Baking Time

Pop it in the oven at 350 degrees Fahrenheit for 20 minutes.

Move it to the top rack and turn on the broiler for 1 to 3 minutes until the cheese gets a nice golden touch. Keep a close eye to avoid burning.

Step 4: Final Touches

Make it look even fancier by sprinkling some fresh parsley on top.

Get creative with your toppings and enjoy your unique and tasty low-carb pizza casserole! It’s like a pizza party in a casserole dish. 🍕😊

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