Creamy Cucumber Salad Recipe

Creamy Cucumber Salad Recipe

Creamy cucumber salad is the light and refreshing antidote to a sweltering summer’s day. Cucumbers are crisped with a touch of salt and mixed with a tangy, garlicky, and protein-packed Greek yogurt dressing. (That’s right, no mayo!

This creamy cucumber salad is the perfect dish to serve alongside recipes with a bit of a kick, like spicy harissa-marinated salmon or chicken. The cooling nature of cucumber, fresh herbs and yogurt balances any main meal with a little heat in it.

I’m a big fan of crunchy, vegetable heavy salads with bold flavors—no lettuce required! And this creamy cucumber salad ranks right up with with our Fattoush or Cucumber Radish Salad! Think everything you love about Tzatziki only in salad form

I’ve seen a lot of creamy cucumber salad recipes that just mix everything together and call it a day, but I take a few extra steps to make sure the cucumbers stay nice and crisp—a must in my opinion!

The whole thing is finished with a garlicky Greek yogurt dressing that has the of buttermilk and the creaminess of mayo but keeps things light and healthy. The best part is it comes together in about 20 minutes.

Why Should You Salt Cucumbers?

Salting cucumbers may seem like it adds unnecessary time to this salad recipe, but it makes a huge difference for three main reasons:

⭐Salt makes cucumbers crunchy and delicious. Cucumbers have a lot of water. Salt draws out that water, making them firmer and adding that irresistible crunch. Removing the water also prevents the salad from getting watery as it sits. No one likes a soggy salad! Salt is the secret to crisp, crunchy, and delicious creamy cucumber salad.

⭐Salt starts the flavor party. Salting cucumbers enhances their natural flavors, giving the delicate, slightly sweet qualities a chance to shine.

⭐Salt reduces any bitterness. Not all cucumbers are bitter. But, if you happen to get a bitter one, the salt will make a big difference. Think of it like you’re taking the cucumber to the spa: it soaks in a little salt scrub and comes out a little sweeter. It’s the same technique I use for eggplants, like with my Ratatouille or Roasted Vegetable Salad.

How to Serve Creamy Cucumber Salad

⭐Creamy cucumber salad is a versatile side dish you could serve with just about anything, but I especially love to take full advantage of its cooling nature.

⭐Serve with boldly spicy entrees, like harissa-marinated salmon or chicken, or Shrimp Fra Diavolo with a chili pepper tomato sauce.

⭐For a vegetarian dinner, serve alongside Roasted Vegetable Salad with Fried Halloumi to fill your plate with big vibrant color and crispy-crunchy-silky-smooth texture.

Creamy cucumber salad benefits greatly from a pinch of salt and 20 minutes of rest. The cucumbers crisp up and stay crunchy and delicious, the perfect match for creamy, garlicky Greek yogurt dressing. Serve this cooling salad with spicy food on a hot day.







⭐2 English cucumbers

⭐Kosher salt

⭐¾ cup whole milk Greek yogurt

⭐2 tablespoons red wine vinegar

⭐Zest and juice of ½ lemon

⭐¼ cup chopped fresh dill, stems removed, plus more for garnish

⭐½ to ¾ teaspoon garlic powder

⭐Black pepper

⭐½ medium red onion, thinly sliced into half moons


⭐Peel and slice the cucumber. Partially peel the cucumbers, leaving some of the peel to make stripes. Slice them in half lengthwise. Use a metal spoon to scrape out and discard the seeds, then cut crosswise into ¼-inch thick slices.

⭐Salt the cucumber. Place the cucumbers into a large colander and season with a big pinch of salt. Toss well and set aside in a clean sink for about 20 to 30 minutes to drain excess liquid.

⭐Make the dressing. In a large mixing bowl, whisk together the yogurt, red wine vinegar, lemon zest and juice, dill, garlic powder, and a good pinch of salt and pepper. Set aside in your refrigerator.

⭐Combine. When the cucumbers are ready, use a paper towel to pat them dry. Add the cucumbers and onions to the bowl with the yogurt mixture and toss until they’re coated in the dressing. Taste and adjust the seasoning to your liking.

⭐Serve. Garnish with a little more fresh dill and serve.


If you’d rather use a fresh garlic clove, start with 1 small clove, either grated or minced. You can always add more to taste, but start slow: the salad will already be punchy from the raw onion.

If you don’t like dill, you can substitute with mint, parsley, or a combination of the two


Calories:58.7kcalCarbohydrates:9.9gProtein:5.3gFat:0.4gSaturatedFat:0.1gPolyunsaturatedFat:0.1gMonounsaturated Fat: 0.1gTrans Fat: 0.003gCholesterol: 1.9mgSodium: 19.9mgPotassium: 341.2mgFiber: 1.5gSugar: 4.7gVitamin A: 389IUVitamin C: 14.9mgCalcium: 79.2mgIron: 0.8mg

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