Watermelon Honey

Watermelon Honey! Sugar-Free! 1 Ingredient! Easy Recipe

Watermelon honey is the ideal option if you’re searching for a naturally sweet and delicious dessert. This simple, sugar-free syrup is made with only one ingredient—watermelon—and is very adaptable. You may use it as a coating for meats or as a natural sweetener for beverages and desserts. Now let’s get started on this easy and tasty meal!

  1. One huge watermelon

1. Get the watermelon ready:

Cut and Scoop: To begin, chop the watermelon into big pieces. Remove as much of the seeds as you can by scooping out the flesh. You should have pieces of watermelon in a big dish at the end.
2. Puree the watermelon.

Puree: Transfer the watermelon pieces to a food processor or blender. Process until a smooth purée is achieved. In case your blender is little, you might have to work in smaller batches.
3. Squeeze the Juice Out:
Strain: Transfer the watermelon purée into a big dish or pitcher using cheesecloth or a fine-mesh strainer. Juice and pulp will separate as a result. Press down on the pulp with a spoon to get as much liquid out as you can.

4. Simmer the Juice:

Boil: Pour the watermelon juice into a big pot after straining it. Put the juice on medium-high heat and bring it to a boil.
Simmer: After it comes to a boil, turn down the heat and let it to gently simmer. Simmer the juice for two to three hours, stirring now and again. The liquid will thicken and decrease to a syrupy consistency while it simmers.
5. Chill and Store:

Cool: Take the juice off the heat and allow it to come to room temperature after it has thickened to the consistency of honey.
To store, transfer the cooled honey from the watermelon into a sterile container or bottle. It may be kept for up to a month in the refrigerator.
How to Use Sweetener Made from Watermelon Honey: Use watermelon honey as a natural sweetener for a fruity twist.

Use it to provide a sweet, fruity flavour to foods like pork or poultry by marinating or glazing them.
Advice for the Best Outcomes
Continuity: Patience is the secret to perfect watermelon honey. For the ideal thick and syrupy consistency, let the juice boil slowly.

Watermelon without seeds: Choosing a watermelon without seeds will help you prepare more quickly and efficiently.
Variations in Flavour: Try adding some more flavour by boiling in a little lemon juice or a handful of mint leaves.


A wonderful, sugar-free delicacy that is really simple to create is watermelon honey. You can make a tasty syrup with only one ingredient that improves the flavour of a lot of different foods. Try this easy recipe and relish the natural sweetness of watermelon honey in your favourite dishes and beverages. Savour this new, healthy sweetener!



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